A new year, an old me.

Posted by vcky studio on

I moved across the country a week ago, I'm pretty sure I left my brain somewhere in the prairies. The rest of me is languishing dangerously close to the border while searching for my sanity. I'm okay, just completely disoriented.

There's that age old debate of whether or not creative people have messy desks and whether or not it's indicative of a brilliant mind, or if that messy desk is actually ruinous. My messy desk is ruining my life. I'm one of those incredibly messy people who is unable to work in a messy environment. So while fifty cardboard boxes of my past life remain partially torn open behind me, I'm here facing the one clean corner of my universe desperately trying to get anything done. My giant computer is sitting here on my childhood furniture where everything is either too high or to low (or subsequently both, which is just mind-boggling), and the shame of my habits hang over my left shoulder judging everything I do.

In my sightline, everything is clean. So please please please let this mean I can attempt to draw just ONE thing today. 

To jump start (the rest of) my life, I've put the entire shop on sale until April 1st. Gonna use envelope doodles as my warm up and I'll get somewhere eventually. :) Thank you to every single person on this site that stayed here for more than 2 seconds. My analytics and I appreciate you.