Arm Doodles

Posted by vcky studio on

I disappeared from social media for the holidays, and now that everything's over the last thing I feel like doing is a sentimental recap of the year. My year was a small to medium sized dumpster fire and I am over it.

So I thought I'd write a bit about my arm doodles, because I enjoy drawing them and it's pleasingly irrelevant.

I use a MUJI pen! I like these :


The 0.7 is a bit way too thick for the aesthetic I like on my arm, so I usually interchange between the 0.5 and the super fine .25

There are a handful of tattoo artists I absolutely adore, but two of my die hard favourites are Diana Severinenko from Ukraine, and Tritoan Ly from New Zealand. I try to emulate their styles but can't ever stop myself from drawing cats.

Drawing on myself, especially with Muji pens, makes me feel so happy and equally angry. The ink doesn't settle into my skin at all, I barely have to rub it for the entire thing to fall off. I partly feel like I'm wasting my time, but the time spent with ink on skin is so satisfying it actually makes the ephemeral pain worth it. 

I highly recommend trying it out, and equally highly do not recommend it at all.
Such is life, right?