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IKEA Tall Back LÅNGFJÄLL Swivel Chair - A Review

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I'm in a temporary workspace, ie. my childhood bedroom. Since it's temporary, I've put off buying anything new and have been trying to make do with what I've got. A bunch of old dressers and tables and a kid sized "vanity", now house about 80% of my stock. The rest is squirrelled away in some closet space, and under my twin bed. 

So I've been sitting on a wooden stool for the past few weeks. It looks like this

No frills. And no support.
I put a cushion on it.

It didn't help.

I did some research on office chairs but it became evident I couldn't afford any of the 10 best. ONE DAY, HERMAN MILLER AEON. ONE DAY. *shakes fist weakly*.

I headed to Ikea to pick up the MARKUS swivel chair, which has been extensively reviewed and seemed a safe bet. But I didn't want arm rests (I sometimes like to actively destroy my posture by sitting cross legged or with my knees up), and it wasn't the prettiest chair.

I spent almost two hours at Ikea, putting my butt on every thing and pretending to type stuff on my imaginary desk. I came home with the the pink and white LANGFJALL.


1. It is very cute. The uniform body and the white swivel legs on castors is super eye-pleasing.

2. ASSEMBLY was fine. I like assembling furniture, it was easy enough. Requires a bit of muscle to push the wheels in, but nothing to sweat over.

3. It's STIFF. I don't mind it, but if you're looking for the plush kind of computer chair to sink into, this isn't it. At all. But I like how it's stiff against my back, and my butt. We'll see how long this lasts, it might be too unforgiving for my back long term. 

4. ADJUSTABILITY - The up and down motion is fine, works like it should. But the tilt, to lean back even a little bit, is very stiff. Keep in mind I'm a tiny person and probably don't weigh enough to manoeuvre it as easily as I ought, but it's so stiff that I've given up trying to move it. The tilt also doesn't seem to lock in place, so far I can only lock it when it's in a full upright position, or leave it unlocked for a super mild sway (again, it's not easy for me to tilt it back unless I brace myself against the table and really push).

In conclusion, I think I should've gotten the MARKUS. It was a lot more comfortable, slightly cheaper, and I could have just installed it without the armrests. For now though, I'm really enjoying how this chair looks and am excited to see it in the new place once I move again this summer. We'll see if it's worth the looks at the expense of some comfort.


Yup, the chair is a little too stiff for me, especially for long term computer-working. I've put a cushion on the seat, and I often use another cushion for my back. It is STILL super cute to look at, but for my uses I probably should have gotten the cushier Markus.


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