studio vcky Doodle Club July 2018 *mini edition*

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drawing of an elephantstudio vcky doodle club animal prompts
DOODLE CLUB is happening again!
The first studio vcky DOODLE CLUB was September of 2017. I usually spend September in a pit of anxiety, prepping (hoping!) for a holiday rush and running around in a panic-induced overwhelm. I wanted to challenge myself to draw something every day in September, to draw without the pressure of print-ready perfection or any specific purpose. Doing it publicly held me accountable to the schedule I set, and following the IG hashtag  #studiovckydoodleclub became my favourite part of a morning routine.

It was endlessly fascinating. Artists were using different mediums (Tanja from Berlin doodled with a sewing machine on fabric), and people interpreted the prompts in such different ways. Doodlers followed one another and exchanged such kind messages of support, I felt so happy to be in the midst of a little community.

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The prompts for this doodle club mini edition are all animals, many of them suggested in the comments on Instagram. And it's just for two weeks! I had been resting on my laurels a bit and sticking to animals I know, so I'm ready for a challenge. I'm so excited to see everyone's attempt at a pangolin (though I am also terrified - that adorable thing looks so hard to draw).

If you're joining us for doodles, HELLO AND WELCOME! It starts today!

We do have some non-rules:
1. Do what you want. Join us for one day, all the days, just the pangolin day - we'll be here. It's called "doodle" club but use any medium you like, spend as much time as you like.
2. Don't be hard on yourself. We all start somewhere, and practice makes better.
3. Use the hashtag #studiovckydoodleclub

Okay. Time to draw an Elephant!* 

* on my Instagram post I had written ELEPANT, so if you're keen on drawing whatever an ELEPANT is, I am also excited to see that.