studio vcky Doodle Club September 2018

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Doodle cluuuubbbb!!! This post very late to the party as doodle club is almost wrapping up, but this way I get to post some great entries. As usual, doodle club has a bunch of rules that pretty much mean "no rules" in many different ways -

2. Spend as much or as little time as you wish, on as many prompts or as little! Do one, do all of them! Whatever!
3. Use whatever medium you like!
4. FOLLOW THE HASHTAG #studiovckydoodleclub

And this round, I've got a VERY SPECIAL PRIZE to give away! This DOODLE CLUB pin was designed just for this, I've only got a handful to give away and they're not for sale :)

There are a bunch of entries already, I really recommend going through the hashtag on instagram or clicking here #studiovckydoodleclub - I've collected a few below :) Enjoy! And feel free to join us for just the last stretch, I'm giving away a doodle club pin every day.

Pictures link to their Instagram accounts.

art by HAPPYYELLOWART on Instagramart by HALEYRAEDESIGNS on Instagramsewing art by foehnfrisuria on Instagramart by bennycatgirl on Instagram

art by SNRRNDOM on instagramart by tamaraboonillustraties on Instagram art by seedohsketches on instagramart by wei_artdiary

art by nahninuu on instagram art by ceeteemakes on instagramart by _embee_ on instagram art by islandtradingcompany on instagram