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Things I'm Not Good at #1 - Product Photography

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I'm really not good at product photography, so I hope I'm the perfect person to dispense a bunch of anecdotal advice that everyone should take very seriously.

I had (have) an Etsy site, and I was once rejected from Etsy wholesale. They're notorious with their rejections because they never give a reason, but in my case it was pretty obvious - I had awful product photography. Look at this:

A screenshot of my Etsy product photography

What a mess - my cards were photographed against different backgrounds, only one of the two prints are in a frame.. bleh. The products don't look like they belong together.

I borrowed a light box from a friend. This exact one:

An electric avenue light box from the amazon.ca

I don't think a light box is necessary, I just really enjoyed it because I like working through the night. This was my setup:

Home light box photography setup

It came with the two tiny lights, and that little cellphone rig in the middle didn't work, so I just set my phone* on a pencil sharpener. the little drape I'm using is actually just a piece of paper I cut to size, because the drape they provided needed ironing and... I was lazy. The paper worked fine. I would wiggle the lights back and forth to see what was the best placement, and I'd take four or five photos of each product.

*side note - I am using an iPhone SE. It's got a decent enough camera. I also have my dad's Canon Rebel, but tbh I never really learned how to use it properly and I didn't feel that I needed the super high quality/size files. This is the "good-enough" workaround. 

This is my unedited photo:

peace out fuckers card

And this is edited:

edited peace out fuckers card

I just made it brighter in Photoshop by fiddling with the little knobs in levels. I tried to do the proper cut-outs by lasso-tooling it, but I figured this is "good enough" for now.

And that is GOOD ENOUGH for me!! For now.

Okay thanks everyone. This has been blogging practice, first attempt.


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  • Woo! Nice new place you’ve got here! Interesting seeing your fancy new photo setup. I thought your etsy pics might have been taken by cat or bear…Or octopus. (Probably octopus cause she’s particularly wobbly on the concept of consistency, what with all those independently controlled tentacles). Nice to see the actual drawings are as charming as always even with their new fancy photo work!

    Bennycatgirl on

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