Where Did 2019 Go

Posted by Vicky Liu on

In the TOILET.
I wrote a list of things I wanted to attain/achieve for 2019.
Here are the things! and reasons I did or did not achieve/attain said things:

A large, sweeping floral’y/bird’ly tattoo from my left hip to my right arm into a half sleeve!
- No I did not.
- I wanted them from either @tritoan_7th , @dianaseverinenko , or @zihwa_tattooer , and I did not travel to New Zealand nor Kyiv nor South Korea.
- I did not (do not) have that kind of money to blow, on the tattoo nor the travel.
- Sad fun fact, @zihwa_tattooer showed up in Toronto and I actually snagged a small super last minute time slot with her due to a cancellation, but I had to decline because it was too last minute and I hadn’t saved up for it. I cried very pathetic tears and felt the British definition of Gutted, and drew on my own arm for fun and for sadness. That started a little “draw on my own arm” hobby, which is cool I guess.
- This has been on my “list of things” for like 4 years now. I will keep it for this coming year, and I will continue saving up, and one day the hottest 65 year old is going to walk into your tattoo parlour demanding a giant floraly birdly back tattoo and it will probably still not be me.

Post on Instagram Every Single Day
- lollllll

Have my cards sold in a Museum Gift Shop
- Yes! My cards are in the Texas Fort Worth Museum Of Modern Art.
- :)

Don’t create art just for Instagram
- No... this one is a problem. We’re all slaves to the algorithm. I definitely do make art just for instagram, but there are a ton of things I have to figure out here. One, I- you know when you put a bunch of necklaces into a pouch, because you’re moving and had no foresight, and then when you’re unpacking you have to spend hours sitting on the floor slowly undoing delicate silver strands of DEADLY KNOTS??? My relationship with Instagram was not healthy, and it took me a long time to get rid of that guilt for not posting every single day. Re: instagram, I like where my mental health is but don’t like my engagement numbers. I’m still optimistic I’ll find a sweet spot, but it’s just one of those things I’m done obsessing over.

Do a Wholesale Trade Show in the states
- Yes! I did the National Stationery Show in February 2019. It was... a lot. It was a lot! I don’t think I’ve completely reconciled my feelings about it yet, but I still hope to do some kind of recap blog. Making a post about it has been in the back of my mind for so long now, I’m a little appalled that the show was So Much as to take me an entire year to sort my feelings out. Oh dear.
- I am signing up to do NOTED in 2020, a smaller wholesale trade show in San Francisco. I hope it will be Not As Much as NSS, and am looking forward to writing a review about that sometime before 2030.

Write more Blog Posts
- Nope. For a short time I fancied pursuing a career as a writer (thank you, Xanga). But for all the inspiration I draw from for my art, writing inspo is much harder for me to come by. So this one stays on the list.

Do a studio vcky doodle club
- Yes! This is one of my favourite things, I love the little community that’s come from it and everyone is so kind to each other. I hope to do this again for September 2020. (search #studiovckydoodleclub on Instagram to see everyone’s work.)

Learn how to draw more animals
- I have a standard set of animals that I like to doodle: bear, angular cat, human in toque, octopus, jellyfish, giraffe, bee. Plus, mountains, sun, clouds, flowers.
- This year I added a sort of fox, and a sort of dog, and a sort of alien.
- And a milk carton.
- I can do better.

Make stickers

(Facepalm emoji) 2019 was a small tornado of a year, but there are ups and downs and round and rounds and all we are is dust in the wind. For 2020 I’m going to try to take better care of myself, learn how to better temper my stress, and find a good place at the intersection of my art/passion/business that won’t lead me to resent every aspect.

I wish you a very good year going forward, and a gentle reminder that doing your part for the environment does help even if it sometimes feels futile.