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About / FAQ

That's me! Hello! At my home studio in Toronto, Canada.

I'm a self-taught illustrator, doodler, and expert level card folder currently based in Vancouver, Canada. My art style is a manifestation of my off-kilter humor, and never having gone to art school. It's a little irreverent and intermittently profanity laden, with a skewed (read: wrong) sense of light and perspective. And an obsessive love for any animal I know how to draw.**

I cannot draw horses. Never let me draw a horse.

** an angular cat, a space cat, a baby cat, a naked cat, two naked cats, a naked cat's dinky, a bear, a giraffe, an anatomically incorrect octopus, a fox, one specific scruffy blond dog, and one duck in one hat. Plus one time I drew a whole koala, I was very proud of myself.

How I got started: Doodle Art, circa always.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do commissions? 
Sorry, not at this time!

What program/tools do you use to draw?
For my digital art, I use Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. I also recently got an iPad, and draw in Procreate with an Apple Pencil.
For my black and white doodle art I use the Muji black ink pens, Gelly Rolls and Sakura Micron Pens. And Sharpies!
For my repeating pattern art and colouring pages, I use the iOrnament App on iPad.

Which art school did you go to?
I didn't! I am self-taught'ed.

Do you draw each card by hand?
Hahahhahahahhahahaha no.

What is 15Pens?
I have two very distinctly different art styles, so I put my black and white cards under a different line called 15Pens. The 15Pens line is crude and swear words and naked animals, so I thought it an apt reference.**

** referring to that grade school prank where you ask someone if they want to join the Pen 15 club, and they say sure, so you write PEN15 on their hand 'cus it looks like "penis", and is the most hilarious thing any 8 year old has ever seen.